Our PayPal fees are changing…

…but this time it’s a good thing!

We have now changed our PayPal donation transaction fees from 1.4%+20p to 5%+5p, which is aimed at making smaller monthly donations to our project, such as £1 per month, go even further.

Not many PayPal merchants know this, but if your account normally accepts smaller valued transactions or donations, you can ask PayPal for the revised fee structure of 5%+5p.

This works perfectly with our £1 per month model and means that instead of your £1 monthly donation becoming around 79p after PayPal fees, it now becomes around 90p after PayPal fees!

This extra 11p may not sound like a big deal, but this puts us in an even better position to be able to provide an even more sustainable charity project that fans can jump on board with for just £1 per month.

Your £1 per month now goes EVEN FURTHER!

Thank you to all donors making that change with us!

Steven Hodges
Would you like to join our £1 Michael Jackson charity tribute project? Its www.mjffc.org

(there are still ZERO transaction fees for one-off donations!)


MJFFC is teaming up with The MJCast!

Hi all,

It is with great excitement that we can now announce that we have teamed up with The MJCast to push Michael Jackson’s message even further, by getting the charity side of Michael out to many more MJ fans and non MJ fans alike!

The MJCast is one of the best MJ related podcasts out there and has a huge following. They discuss important issues in the MJ community and their podcasts are usually very informative and they often have interesting debates about important MJ subjects – those are the episodes I particularly like. I am a massive fan of their format and since they started in 2015, they have come very far when it comes to discussing the latest MJ shenanigans and they are never too shy to even touch on the subjects that the community often find, well awkward. You can check out and sub to their podcast as http://www.themjcast.com.

I myself will be their MJ Charity Correspondent going forward from Season 4 and will be providing updates to fans on, not only our own Michael Jackson Monthly Giving Project, but also some details about other MJ inspired initiatives out there that have also been raising money for charity since Michael’s passing.

MJ fans will be able to get involved by: providing any feedback they may have, asking any charity related questions they would like answered or even providing financial assistance/volunteering with the various MJ inspired groups out there. Please do hit me up on the usual socials to provide any feedback and to ask any questions. I hope to be able to touch on as many as possible going forward.

I personally cannot wait to be a part of their efforts to spread Michael’s love and charitable message to all of their listeners and thousands of new listeners to come.

Please join me in welcoming and thanking The MJCast for this opportunity and we hope you all can join us over the coming months to see what we can achieve as MJ fans.

The time is now for love & peace!



MJFFC Branding!

As part of a new 2017 social presence update, we recently came to updating our logo again…

We wanted to try something a little different across our social networks. We decided to spend a bit of time building the MJFFC brand a bit more and have opted to try a somewhat different approach.

Over the next year or so we will be simplifying our content as much as possible, and part of this simplification had to start in an area that MJ fans saw first… our 7 pointed star logo.

We hope you like them!




Ever since I started the MJFFC charity and its main “Michael Jackson Monthly Giving” Project, I wanted to cover the key areas close to Michael Jackson’s heart, and it pretty much went without saying, that they were Animals, Children and the Environment, which we called A.C.E.

However over recent years I have looked at these three areas in more detail and came to the conclusion, that they did not go far enough to cover the areas we wanted to help as an MJ inspired charity. We know deep down Michael cared about many things.

Keeping the Michael theme I remembered a lyric from Michael’s short film, Black or White. A portion of the short film goes as follows:

For gangs, clubs, and nations
Causing grief in human relations
It’s a turf war on a global scale
I’d rather hear both sides of the tale
See, it’s not about races
Just places
Where your blood comes from
Is were your space is
I’ve seen the bright get duller
I’m not going to spend my life being a color”

One word has stuck out to me for months and was remarkably similar to the abbreviation of our current charitable objects ACE, and that word was “FACES”.


I started to think what the other additional letters “F” and “S” could cover if we were to update ACE. I had many ideas, some of which were along the lines of Freedom and Sympathy etc. However they did not fit in with the charitable guidance when deciding upon charitable objects, they appeared to be too specific.


One day I recalled an acceptance speech Michael made at the 1993 Grammy Awards, where he picked up the Grammy Legend Award, Michael said:

“I realise that many of our worlds problems today, from the inner city crime to large scale wars and terrorism, and our over crowed prisons, are a result of the fact that children have had their childhood stolen from them.”

This, along with the obvious fact that Michael had such a huge family. It was fitting therefore that the charitable object for the letter “F” should be “Family”.


For “S” I went back to Michael’s roots and also to an area close to my own heart. Science & Art. Science has been a favourite topic of mine and covers many things such as the advancement of scientific research projects. This obviously includes the advancement of new technology, that can result in us being able to improve the lives of many people through the development and research of new technology. Then there is the real no-brainer… ART. Michael was an artist himself in so many ways. The art area covers charities that promote, or encourage high standards of the arts of drama, ballet, music, singing, literature, sculpture, painting, cinema, mime, etc. When I read that, so many of those words jump out at me. Music, the obvious one. Singing, another obvious one. Literature, Michael has written books, and also many, many amazing poems, which I urge any MJ fan to seek out and read. Then there was cinema. Michael LOVED films, because of his popularity he couldn’t simply go to a local cinema and watch the latest flick. So he re-created a cinema at his Neverland Ranch. He also starred in a few movies himself and there was talk that before his death, he was interesting in doing more movie work, or even directing movies himself. We all know this would have been amazing if it had come to fruition.

So there it is, I hope you enjoy our updates. I am continuously poking and prodding at the charity and its project to try and push it to new levels all the time and to make it the most tidy and easiest way to give money to charity in tribute to Michael Jackson. I know with hundreds of £1 monthly donors on board it can be a massive force for Michael’s ongoing legacy.

To view more, visit our F.A.C.E.S page here.

Thank you for reading! Speak soon everyone! LOVE.




Donation number 63 goes to…

Hi all,

For November 2016 we went back to the subject of the Environment.

We shortlisted 3 solar charities for your votes and we are proud to announce that the winning charity that received an honourable £215.38, was Solar Aid.

You can find out more about their work at www.solar-aid.org


Thank you to all of the regular givers and the one-off donations that came in.



Our 62nd October donation goes too… Elephants!

Hi all,

Many of you kindly donated throughout the month of October for a cause very close to many fans hearts, and especially Michael’s.

He loved Elephants. His good friend Elizabeth Taylor gave Michael a beautiful Asian elephant as a gift in 1991, and he was so shocked and loved it!

So for October, we chose 3 elephant related charities and the one with the most votes by our monthly donors was The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. £244.93 was the total raised, which after conversions was approx $300.66!

Thank you to all of those that donated for October and continue to show their support!


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Our 61st Donation, this time for the Italian People

Hi all,

a donation for September 2016 was made at the beginning of this month of October and we raised a brilliant £259.91 and shortlisted 3 charities supporting Earthquake Relief in Italy.

In the end The International Federation of the Red Cross was the charity with the most votes. We hope this money helps towards their Italian Earthquake relief efforts.

Thank you to all of those that donated.



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We’ve updated our logo!


Some eagle eyed fans out there may have noticed, that our MJFFC, 7-pointed star logo has changed, but ever so slightly. We wanted to post a blog entry to give the reasons why we have recently tweaked the logo and a little bit of a background to why we are using a star logo in the first place.



The original logo has served us well since 2009, but in recent years we have started to think that it was a bit to harsh and well…. too “pointy”.

“the logo needs to be less like a blade
and more like a badge”

We felt like it needed an update. Michael was a constant perfectionist and when it comes to the running of our charity and the design of our content, we always strive to get it as close to perfection as we possibly can. We are constantly updating and improving things, so this also stretches to our design department. We thought we owed it to Michael to make such efforts in tribute.


The inspiration for the original star was from Michael Jackson’s short film, the “HIStory teaser trailer”. We came a cross a High Definition version of this short film and were able to get close up to the 5 pointed star that Michael used on his outfits, he used the stars quite often. It was a simple 5 pointed star, normally in a circle. The ones that were the clearest, were the ones on the arms of those performers dancing with Michael, but also on Michael himself (see pictures below). It was bold, made an impact and planted the seed for future use with certain other MJFFC projects in the pipeline – but more on that when we are ready.


Well every fan out there knows that Michael’s lucky number is the number 7, so it was an obvious choice really. Michael was also wearing the number “777” on the opposite arm to the star, in the same short film. We took this as a sign and got straight to work. Here are some of the places where Michael used the number 7.


We hope you prefer our new logo, and we hope you look forward to other changes we have planned for MJFFC in the future. We also hope this kind of attention to detail makes it clearer as to the work involved and the lengths we go to, to continue Michael’s legacy.

To the future, in which we hope you will join us.

Steven Hodges